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Customer Charter


• Our staff in all departments will ensure that you receive the highest level of courtesy at all times.

• Our staff in all departments will ensure that sufficient time is given to your queries.


• All your invoices will be available to you on-line.

• You will have 24 hour a day access to all your financial information through your control panel.

• You will have the ability to view your invoices in a printer-friendly format. 

• We guarantee accurate and reliable billing.


• We will never sell your personal details to other companies.

• All your personal information is held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. 

• We fully comply with the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and your rights to see the information we hold about you.


• All complaints will get a formal response within 48 hours. 

• All complaints will be fully documented and confirmed with you. 

• A Director will see and respond to all complaints.


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