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Music & Sound Sourcing, Production & Editing

Music and sound can give your website or presentation that 'final touch' to add some extra 'emotion', 'mood' or 'atmosphere' to your words and visuals.

Compuzerve can access the talent and expertise of professional sound designers / engineers who can create or source the sound effects and music for your multimedia or audio project. We work with you to ensure we get the desired sonic effect for the required scene. This is a creative process but may well involve mixing and audio editing to get the desired result.

We can source sound effects from sound libraries, license music from publishers / record labels, script and record voiceovers, or compose and produce original effects, jingles or songs to give you the ideal sonic background for your project.

All our sound designers / engineers have extensive experience in professional studios, and access to state-of-the-art hardware and software to ensure that your audio project runs smoothly and produces results that are 'music to your ears'!

Music & Sound

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