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Web Design

If your business requires a brand new website or if your existing one could do with a refresh or complete revamp, then you've come to the right place. At Compuzerve, we build websites and web templates with an understanding of your business' needs and requirements.

We don't like to churn out websites with no style or charisma! Your website is your online showcase for your business or brand! If it matters to you, then it matters to us! Our in-house designers and partners at Mojo Dojo have extensive experience in building websites with style and substance.

We can help with the design and conception of your web presence, advising on the 'look and feel' to give you that 'mojo' and 'eye-appeal' whilst considering 'user-friendliness and interactivity' for your website visitors, and 'back-end functionality' for your business or branding needs and requirements.

Need a Multi-Platform Website?

We can build your website in HTML, CSS, Flash, CGI / Perl, PHP, Javascript & the latest Web 2.0 technologies - we identify the best platform to build your website taking into account your business requirements, target audience, scalability, timescale and budget.

Need help with a Logo or Website Content?

Compuzerve has a talented team of multimedia graphic designers, music producers, photographers, professional content writers, and marketing professionals who can advise on or produce high quality content for your website and marketing materials. Refer to our Graphic Design & Content section for more information.

Free Initial Consultation & Quote

Complete our Web & Mobile Quote request form and we'll contact you to provide a free initial consultation & quote. Alternatively, Contact Us and we'll happily chat through things with you.


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