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DRPs & Company Policy

Disaster recovery plans are useful, but can only be semi-helpful if they are not made into company policy. Thus, board members and management need to issue clear statements that make awareness of their disaster recovery plans policy. In order for the plan to be most effective it needs to move from paper to practical reality. It should be tested, updated, and maintained on a regular basis by all personnel in the organization who are engaged in the planning or who hold any responsibility in the implementing of what has been planned.

Disaster recovery plans need to be kept up-to-date and every member of the organization should be made aware of the plan. All employees should know the plan's procedures and what their role will be in the recovery process in the event of an emergency.

Testing the plan in a simulated environment can be very useful. It will show if the plan can be implemented in real life should a disaster or serious emergency occur. Live practice will also bring to light any unforeseen gaps or disconnects in the plan. Plus it will help employees remain calm and confident about what actions they will need to take if there is crises, which by extension, will help your business return to a state of normal operation with greater speed.

Turning your disaster recovery plan into company policy is a key step in the disaster recovery process


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