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Hardware Leasing

Keeping your business up to date with rapidly evolving technology can be difficult. Whether you’re thinking of expanding your IT infrastructure or updating your existing equipment, costs can sometimes be prohibitive. Compuzerve can offer you an affordable answer.

What is leasing?

Leasing is a well established, tax efficient method of financing a wide variety of capital equipment.

How does it work?

Leasing is a contract between your company and Compuzerve giving you use of equipment for which rentals payments are made over an agreed period.

Why not buy equipment outright?

If you buy equipment outright the capital invested becomes, in effect, tied up in a depreciating asset. Leasing on the other hand allows you to save resources for investment in other areas of your business.

Will the rental amount change

No. The only way the amounts would increase during the leasing term is if the government chooses to increase the rate of VAT.

Do I get to keep the equipment at the end of the lease period?

Lease rental is just that, a rental agreement. Title to the goods remains with the leasing provider, which means the equipment does not show on your company balance sheets therefore not needing to be depreciated over a fixed period.

What if we decide to replace the equipment ?

An advantage of leasing is its flexibility, allowing you to keep up with changes in technology whilst your business expands or changes its needs. Your original installation can be altered, either during or at the end of your lease.

With a number of leasing options available which we can tailor to suit your business' needs, you can obtain the equipment you need now and begin to see the immediate benefits in your organisation.


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