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Unified Communications

Isn't it time you saved money and improved efficiency by installing cutting edge communications?

The key to success for any organization is based around its people and their ability to communicate and collaborate, not only within the communication environment but even more so with their other business processes.

Businesses everywhere are seeking more efficient and cost-effective methods of working, communicating and collaborating. For many, this leads to Unified Communications (UC) and Virtualisation.

The advancements in security and voice over IP (VoIP) reliability and quality along with the seamless integration of new WLANs and traditional LANs have provided the technical and business impetus to converge data, video, and voice networks into a single unified infrastructure.

UC brings voice, data, video together and integrates them with business applications, for a swifter response and better business. The unified messaging solutions truly answer the need to have an integrated centralized mailbox for every employee and allows them to more easily manage their communications.

UC applications also offer mobile workers the ability to manage emails, calendars and voicemails while on the move, thus all of your different communications media can be delivered over a PDA or mobile phone. Using interactive voice technology, users can listen and reply to messages, as well as manage their calendars.

Compuzerve’s approach is to understand your business and its requirements so that we can utilise our expertise in designing, installing and managing solutions, so that we can bring you a real competitive advantage. This could be introducing a new IP business telephone system, connecting branch offices, adding home working solutions, a secure wireless infrastructure or connecting your employees to allow collaboration across your business.

Cisco Partner Select Certified

Compuzerve solutions are based around technology from Cisco Systems. We are Certified by Cisco to supply, install, and manage their full range of UC products aimed specifically at the small to medium sized business.

Cisco Unified Communications Products

Embrace the future with easy, affordable unified communications for your business.

If you’re still relying on ISDN for your communications, you’re missing out on a host of benefits for your company. SIP (the basis of most future Internet Protocol applications) is a cost effective alternative to ISDN that gives your  organisation flexibility and enhanced continuity.

• Cost savings with a single network for voice and data’ as communicated by Gartner*
• Flexible geographic number relocation
• Organisational continuity
• Line rationalisation

Cisco UC will help you.

Cisco Unified Communications (UC) is for companies that know technology can help them become more efficient.

Cisco UC is a complete voice and networking solution that integrates desk top applications with the phone system while enabling your employees to work anywhere.

Unlike its competitors Cisco is the only solution provider that offers all the components necessary for VoIP, reducing complexity and implementation issues.

Cisco UC offers you a proven and reliable solution that can help your organisation succeed.

• Automatic phone redirection.
• Wi-Fi phones
• Work anywhere functionality.
• Secure connection via VPN.
• Integrated security.
• Enhanced service delivery (relevant staff always available).
• State of the art tools and features.


How can Compuzerve help?

As a Cisco Select Partner Compuzerve has all the skills and knowledge to help you select the equipment you need.

We also have the experienced staff who can install your new equipment, get it working for you and manage it for you on an on-going basis.

We can do all this for your company at a very reasonable rate.

You can rely on us to help you.

• Analyse your current setup and recommend suitable equipment.
• Apply to the donation program.
• Install and test your new equipment.
• Give you any required training.
• Provide support for your IT equipment on an on-going basis.
• Give you a competitive advantage.

* Gartner report ' Market Trends: The CSP's Value-Add With Managed SIP Trunking for Unified Communications and Collaboration, 2011' February 2011


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