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Pricing & Policy

Free Initial Consultation & Quote

Get a FREE initial consultation and quote over the phone. Fill our Software Development Quote request form and we'll call you! We'll help you track down the time-consuming tasks in your business, or if you already know what needs to be done, we can give suggestions of how you can get a positive return-on-investment in less time.

Being a relatively small agency, we are contactable, approachable and most importantly we work hard to create the best software solution that delivers real tangible returns. We are not just a software development agency, we are people who understand business and work hard at understanding your requirements to create effective solutions to almost any budget.

Fully integrating and automating / computerizing your business can seem like a big challenge. At Compuzerve, we know the value that software solutions can bring to any size of business. We understand that you have a budget, and that you can't halt your operations while you computerize or enhance the software. That's why we offer a fixed priced contract upfront, so that we can determine what it will cost to create and install your software and agree on what work will be done in advance.

Flexible Terms

Any terms are negotiable, but here are typical payment terms:

• Projects less than £500 require full payment in advance

• Projects between £500 and £5,000 require:
  - 50% advance retainer payment
  - 50% after delivery of final version

• Projects more than £5,000 require:
  - 40% advance retainer payment
  - 40% after beta version delivery
  - 20% after final version delivery

Software Development Stages include:

• Analyze your business's requirements for the software solution
• Design and architect the solution for you
• Code your software solution
• Test the software solution with your business using it
• Document how the software works for you and your users
• Install a final version of the software solution on all required platforms

Key Pricing Policies

1. Fixed Price Contracts With No Hidden Extras

Software solutions are priced specifically upon business requirements and budget limitations only - we guarantee a competitive quote with no hidden extras.

The price of our contract will be determined by how many hours your project will take, and what level of skilled employees we will need to utilise on your project. Since estimating and sizing a project is our business, we know that we will be able to work with you to come to an agreement about the amount of work required.

One key choice for you will be whether or not you want to break the proposed work down to a series of smaller fixed price projects, or to do one larger fixed price project. If there are budget limitations, you may want to have us create the basic functionality this year, and make additional enhancements to your software next year. This is called a 'phased approach', and we can quote you for software work that is done with a phased approach.

2. You Own The Software

All bespoke custom programmed software will be owned by you. The program code is yours and you can run it forever as is, or enhance and modify it on your own schedule.

3. 12-Month Warranty

We care about the quality and reliability of our software solutions, so we offer a 12-month warranty on all software delivered.


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