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Technologies & Platforms

At Compuzerve we focus on emerging technologies, to help organisations meet challenges brought by fast paced changes in the IT and Telecommunications industries. Our Team are experienced with a broad spectrum of technologies and platforms allowing for a comprehensive solution, regardless of your existing solutions or infrastructure.

Java and J2EE

One of the biggest advantages of J2EE architecture is "Write once and run anywhere". Compuzerve uses a multi-tier distributed application model for the development of J2EE based applications. Most J2EE web-based enterprise applications are split into four logical tiers, Presentation/Client Tier, Web Tier, Business Logic Tier, and Enterprise Information System Tier.

• Core Java
• MVC Framework - Java Struts and Spring
• Hibernate
• JSP, Servlets and Applets
• Web Services
• Ant, Websphere and Eclipse
• IBM Websphere, JBOSS and Tomcat

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Compuzerve has a dedicated Microsoft.NET R&D team, responsible for researching the latest software releases, testing new technologies and sharing that knowledge with other .NET experts. Compuzerve's team of Microsoft.NET professionals comprises architects, developers and QA engineers who are the best in the industry.

• C++, C# and VB.NET
• NHibernate
• MS SQL Database
• .NET Web Services

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Compuzerve has expert resources available for development in Linux - Apache - MySQL - PHP / Perl (LAMP) based solutions. Software solutions based on open source platform are ideal for medium and small scale companies, where budget is limited.

• Linux
• Apache
• MySQL / PostgreSQL Databases
• PHP and CGI / Perl

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iPhone, iPad & Smartphone / Tablet Application Development

Compuzerves’ developers have hands-on experience and expertise in Apple iPhone & iPad app development, working on the development of third party applications for Apple mobile devices as soon as Apple facilitated it.

In addition, to our strengths in Apple iOS, our team can also develop applications for other mobile devices, including Android and Blackberry Tablet operating systems.

We offer development of a variety of applications including: News, Weather, Stock and Finance can be added as an extension to your website.

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Adobe Flash & Adobe AIR

Compuzerve developers have extensive experience in building feature-rich multimedia websites in Adobe Flash. But Adobe Flash can be extended with Adobe AIR to enable the use of HTML, JavaScript, ActionScript to build web applications that run as standalone client applications without the constraints of a web browser.

Adobe AIR, a key component of the Adobe Flash Platform, provides a consistent and flexible development environment for the delivery of applications across devices and platforms. Support for Android, BlackBerry Tablet OS and iOS mobile operating system, and TVs is now available.

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