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Full Support Contracts

Our Full Support Contracts give you the assurance that should the worst happen, we will be there to assist you and resolve your problems. All hardware requests are logged by our dedicated IT helpdesk and via the latest remote access many problems can be solved without the need for an on-site visit, therefore saving you time and money and minimising any downtime.

Compuzerve are committed to working in partnership with all of their clients and establishing long term relationships. We are flexible in our approach to support and are wiling to tailor our solutions to suit a customer's business requirements both operationally and financially.

To help you understand what our areas of responsibility are, and our charges, we provide a straightforward support agreement with clear pricing. These agreements are tailored to clients’ individual needs but generally include provisions for regular proactive maintenance, troubleshooting and a level of IT systems management.

Benefits of Compuzerve's Full Support Contracts

• Competitive rates
• Virtual IT Department to manage & monitor your IT network & systems
• Instant access to your dedicated helpdesk team
• Fully inclusive contracts covering site visits and complete support
• Regular site visits for routine systems maintenance and support
• Monthly system performance reports
• Qualified engineers
• Peace of mind
• Flexible support solutions to suit all sizes and types of companies
• Extended and out of hours cover available, including weekends

A Team Dedicated To Your IT Needs

At Compuzerve you don't just get a technical person on the end of the line, you get a whole team including an IT manager to manage the strategic direction of your IT, a client advocate to ensure you receive amazing service, a business development manager to grow the service around you and a pool of highly skilled engineers.

We use some very up to date technology to help us discover and resolve problems before they even happen and fix them remotely without getting in the way. You won't even know we're there!


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